Басенджи - Африканская нелающая собака

Новый информационный сайт о собаках породы Басенджи

Басенджи это - порода, которой приблизительно 5000 лет.

Басенджи это - собака, которая не лает.

Басенджи - охотничья африканская собака.

Вот это то, что в основном знают люди об этой редкой породе.

Попробуем чуть приоткрыть занавес неизвестного над этой не большой, но очень изящной собакой.

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we've wormed our puppies and got all the roundworms, i think they are called, out of them.
anyways, one of them crapped on the linoleum floor earlier and there are all these tiny maggot looking worms in the feces and around it.

what kind of worms are these?
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Hi, I’m Rachel and I’m 19. I’m seeking animal lovers to help me out. I’m doing the Blogathon for The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary this year. Basically I’m going to stay awake for 24 hours and post to my livejournal every half hour. The money I raise will go directly to The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Further information about Blogathon 2006 can be found at Blogathon.org.

The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is a no-kill shelter that houses 1,500 animals on any given day. Their goal is to promote compassion towards animals and stop killing of perfectly healthy animals by taking them from shelters across the nation. More information about best friends can be found at their official website.

To sponsor me please fill out the form here.I would greatly appreciate sponsorship of any amount. The money goes to the animals and anything you can give to help would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions feel free to comment here or email me at RBrandt87@gmail.com

If this is not allowed I apologize. Feel free to delete it. This has been cross posted so I’m sorry if you come across it more than once.

I'm new

Hi all

My partner and I have two dogs.

Mine is a black female Chow, named Jonah and my SO's dog is a mix of Great Dane or Mastiff and boxer, we think. We rescued him from the SPCA about a year ago. His name is Lucky. We're so luck to have them both.
He's quite a snuggler and a dog's dog. She is very independant and cat like. But of course they both have there most endearing traits.

Our household also consists of a cat, a turtle and a gecko.

As you all probably saw yesterday I posted about a dog park meeting in my area. There are no sanctioned dog parks here and neigbors recently complained about the park the dogs have been using. Now us dog owners are trying to rally to find a resolution. Wish us luck, I know we're gonna need it.

See ya soon.

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Dog Park meeting with Parks Dept, RI

***please forward widely***

The Parks Dept will hold its second meeting to collect public comment
tomorrow evening, 6-8 pm at the Martin Luther King Elementary School, 35 Camp Street in Providence, RI

Everyone will have 2 minutes to plead their case for dog parks in Providence. Remember... this is NOT a forum for discussion... only for collecting testimony.

Urge your dog-owning and non dog-owning friends to come.
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