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I'm new

Hi all

My partner and I have two dogs.

Mine is a black female Chow, named Jonah and my SO's dog is a mix of Great Dane or Mastiff and boxer, we think. We rescued him from the SPCA about a year ago. His name is Lucky. We're so luck to have them both.
He's quite a snuggler and a dog's dog. She is very independant and cat like. But of course they both have there most endearing traits.

Our household also consists of a cat, a turtle and a gecko.

As you all probably saw yesterday I posted about a dog park meeting in my area. There are no sanctioned dog parks here and neigbors recently complained about the park the dogs have been using. Now us dog owners are trying to rally to find a resolution. Wish us luck, I know we're gonna need it.

See ya soon.

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